I like making a piece of string into something I can wear.
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I heard from several people who would like my toe up instructions so here is how I started the toe. I’ll add to this with photos as I knit the sock.You are welcome to my ideas. I’m not sure if this is how dedicated toe-up sock knitters do it, but this worked for me. I’m using sport weight yarn and US size 2 needles.

Toe step 1STEP 1 — Put a slip-knot stitch on the needle. This will not be used in the actual stitch count and will be dropped later.
Toe step 2STEP 2 — Cast on 10 stitches using the half-hitch cast-on technique. You will have 11 stitches on the needle counting the slip-knot stitch.
Toe step 3STEP 3 — Knit across the 10 cast-on stitches. Slide the slip-knot stitch onto the needle.
Toe step 4STEP 4 — Turn knitting upside down so you can knit back in the backs of the half-hitch cast on stitches. Start with the thread that connects the slip-knot stitch to the half-hitch cast on stitch. Use another needle to lift the strand under which you will knit. The photo shows the row half knit.
Toe step 5STEP 5 — You will have 10 stitches along the edge you just knit. When you have added more rounds, you will notice that this method produces a seamless effect. I think it might be magic.

Now you will start knitting in the round so turn your knitting over and knit 5 stitches. With another needle, knit 5 more stitches and slip the slip-knot stitch to that needle. With a third needle, knit 5 more stitches, and then use a 4th needle to knit the last five in that round. You will continue knitting in the round.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I work the increases that shape the toe. Meanwhile, I’ll go make my bed, clean the kitchen, and work on a client job.