If you want a happy ending,
that depends, of course,
on where you stop your story.

[Orson Welles]

Close to twenty years ago, I bought the first Saturn sold in Fort Wayne. It was the most reliable car I’d ever owned. Finally, I’d found a car that didn’t require a TO FIX list when it was new. This photo shows the fourth Saturn I’ve bought—I’ve had it more than a year.

This morning, I went to the GM dealer at the crack of dawn for a car check up. The gentleman who met me had a familiar face. He was transplanted from Saturn to serve those of us who now find ourselves orphans.

I know almost nothing about automobiles or the auto industry so my gut reaction is based upon no knowledge, authority or anything valid. All I know is that the products and service I got from Saturn in the past two decades were top drawer. It makes me sad that GM mismanaged its way into this situation.