Lesson 5: The Heel

On page 2 of the sock pattern we are up to the heel turn. This is the part of the chart that shows the heel turn.


The squares shaded in gray on the first row of the heel turn are the stitches that get us back to the center back of the sock. The heel turn is knit back and forth instead of in the round. It is stockinette so the right side is knit stitches and the wrong side is purl stitches. There are three symbols used in this part. The left-leaning decrease and the right-leaning decrease are described in the chart key. The arrows show the direction you knit. The ones with the curly tail also show that a slipped stitch is wrapped with yarn before you turn and go back. This prevents a hole from forming. The wrapped stitch is slipped again once you turn to go back. This stitch then becomes the first of the ssk or p2tog the next time you come to it. To get you started, here are the first few rows in written instructions:

The first row is k13, ssk, yarn to front (ytf), slip next stitch as if to purl, yarn to back (ytb), TURN
2: sl1 as if to purl, p6, p2tog, ytb, sl1 as if to purl, ytf, TURN
3: sl1 as if to purl, k7, ssk, ytf, sl1 as if to purl, ytb, TURN
4: sl1 as if to purl, p8, p2tog, ytb, sl1 as if to purl, ytf, TURN

Continue working back and forth in this manner following the chart until you have worked 18 decreases (9 on each side of the heel). After the 18th decrease and TURN, you will be on a knit row. When you work the ssk shown on the chart for that row, follow the arrow on to the texture pattern that makes up the top of the foot. You work the 20th decrease as soon as you complete that top-of-the-foot pattern. It is a k2tog. This process decreases out all of the stitches you increased when you were working the gusset and you are back to your original stitch count.

Friday, we continue on to the foot. We will be in the home stretch. I’ll post the toe and finishing on Saturday. If you’ve had to stop to fix supper, go to work, rake leaves or do dishes and haven’t finished the leg yet, don’t worry. You aren’t behind. I’ll leave these instructions online.

1 thought on “Lesson 5: The Heel”

  1. K–I am so excited to find your blog!!!! I’m going to be a regualr reader.
    Stories from the Heart Conference is April 13-15, 2012. Look forward to visiting with you again then.
    Carol Byrd, the fortunate lady at the last conference who received the CD book…And a Time to Knit Stockings!

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