Lesson 6: The Foot

One note about the last two decreases when you start working in the round again — when I was experimenting with this heel turn, I did a wrap on those and discovered it left a hole so I just kept going around and it solved the problem.

Reading the chart at this point is a piece of cake compared to the gusset and heel. The foot goes to the point where the chart starts stair-stepping in. The main piece of advice you might need is how to shorten the sock. You might want your sock 8″ from heel to toe instead of 9″. You have already knit 5 diamonds when you reach the foot.

• Measure and mark 8″ (or whatever your foot length should be) down the length of the leg.
• Count the rows (you can count 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. along the garter stitch column next to the diamond panel). That tells you about how many rows you will need from the bend in the heel to the end of the toe.
• You knit 18 short rows for the heel turn and the toe decreases include 13 more rows. 18+13=31 rows
• Subtract 31 from the number of rows you need for your foot.
• On the chart, count up starting from the first foot round and mark where you need to stop the foot and start the toe (use the number you came up with after subtracting 31).

You could work stockinette instead of working the purl stitches for the last diamond. Or you could take a different color pen and make dots on the chart to alter the size of that last diamond.

Since you might have to go rake leaves or buy groceries instead of knit, you might be several days on the foot. Don’t worry. I’ll put up the toe lesson tomorrow and you can read it when you get to it.

When we have finished, I’d love to put pictures of your socks on this blog. Just send a digital file to me. Here’s an email LINK. If that doesn’t work for your computer setup, leave a response on the blog and I’ll email you directly.

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