I am learning all the time.
The tombstone will be my diploma.

[Eartha Kitt]

My ultimate goal in this exploration of web logs is to create blog portals for my clients that are tailored to their needs and display the visual theme used on their web sites. Most of these will be installed on their web host server. I’m at the beginning of learning this.

First, I downloaded and studied “Everyman’s Guide to WordPress” by Brandon Booth.

Then I went to the Lesson section of wordpress.org and have printed:

  • Introduction to Blogging
  • First Steps With WordPress
  • WordPress Semantics – Learning the Jargon

Even after working on computers for a quarter of a century, I still print out some things rather than focus on a screen. So much for the concept of a paperless office. In this case, I’ll collate these into a ring binder for study and future reference.

I’m at the learning stage that I call, “panic.” Will I learn this in a timely manner so I can effectively apply the information to real-world jobs? I always go through this stage and know it will pass. My main asset is that I’ve been designing and building web sites for a number of years so I’m not starting with a blank slate. Learning is transferable.