Come Saturday morning
I’m goin’ away with my friend…
We’ll travel for miles in our Saturday smiles…

[Dory Previn]


My friend’s name is Toby. Here he is with his Saturday smile. I’ve learned a lot since he came to live with me. He learns simply from activities of daily living. When the phone rings, he jumps down from my lap because he’s learned that I’m going to get up to answer the call. If I go to the door with my keys, he runs to the car when he gets outside. If I have a letter in my hand, he leads the way to a mail box. I didn’t intentionally teach him any of that.

Who knows how a dog thinks? We often ascribe human characteristics to a pet because we interpret some behaviors as love or loyalty. I guess it doesn’t really matter. He brings out the best in me and rewards me with puppy kisses and Saturday smiles.