The cure for boredom is curiosity.
There is no cure for curiosity.

[Dorothy Parker]


[Photo taken at St. Fagans, Cardiff, Wales]

Windows, doors, gates, portholes — all of these inflame my curiosity and make me stop to think. If you stood on my left as I shot this photo, you’d see a path to a manor garden. If you were on my right, you’d see the road to a little church. That difference in viewpoints is a common experience to us all, but it always amazes me.

Not only do two people standing at a window have different viewpoints, one person does as well depending upon which eye is open. It puts me in mind of more abstract points-of-view. We each have our own window on the world. The view is further effected by our perceptions and influences we may not even be able to define. I always try to remember that I cannot see another’s view entirely as he or she sees it. No wonder it takes an effort to understand other people’s viewpoints.

This is where curiosity spurs me on. Attempting to see the world as another person sees it broadens my view. Do you see blue the same way I see blue? Do you interpret a smile the way I interpret a smile? Do you perceive pain the way I perceive pain? I am curious about what you see through your window on the world.