Sometimes I do get to places
just when God’s ready to have somebody click the shutter.

[Ansel Adams]

Photographer—Wesley Smith, Charlotte, NC

I really like this photograph. The geometry of the bridge is framed by the organic softness of nature. The colors are complementary. The play of light and shadow is interesting. And, I am honored to say, the photographer is a friend. He is excited about his new camera equipment. I am excited that he is fascinated by this art form.

I have several friends who are avid photographers. One is is drawn to nature, another photographs buildings and city scapes, a third records a variety of antique equipment. They have one thing in common — they can see the world around them as a composition. The rest of us take snap shots with a light pole growing out of the top of someone’s head.

I, who usually forget to bring my camera along, admire people who have developed that ability. That makes me someone they need — an appreciative audience.