Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.
[Walter Anderson]

katherineI started this blog as a learning experience and have several posts about my progress and the resources I’ve found most useful. I wanted to be able to set up a Worpress blog on a server and customize the presentation (look and feel). I’ve succeeded doing that with help. If I knew PHP programming and understood more about databases and a few other technical things, it would have been easier, but I’m proof that a graphic designer can fiddle around and do it. When the two new blogs are actually on line for public viewing, I’ll include the links in a post.

Meanwhile, here I am wondering why I was so anxious when I started this journey. This photo was taken at my recent 45th high school reunion — calculate my age from that if you wish but just remember, if you quit learning new stuff when you graduate from school, you’ll face years of uninterrupted boredom to say nothing about withering away.

Entropy. That word has a specific, scientific definition but a friend of mine uses that word to describe her theory of a less-scientific process. She says that, if you don’t tend to the upkeep of something, it will deteriorate. Weeds will grow in the garden, paint will peel, the jungle will overgrow the relics of the past. Move forward or slide backward — those are your only two choices. I think of her theory every time I learn something new.