When I think of my mother and daughters, I feel like filling in a genetic sandwich—
like bologna between slices of whole-grain bread.

Shepherd's MoonMy mama was a handweaver. My oldest daughter recently took up spinning. Knitting is one of the many threads that bind our generations together—fiber is in our genes. Wonder where that marker is on a DNA spiral? To celebrate, I designed this hallmark for my daughter. I also bought her two pounds of Leicester wool for spinning.

Our workshop at Noah’s Landing near Shreve, Ohio was such fun. We worked on the non-stop heel technique on Friday evening and Fair Isle knitting on Saturday. Jolene did a presentation about color and showed us the samples she used for three knitting magazine articles that she wrote. Many of the workshop participants are spinners and weavers as well as knitters (must have the same genetic marker as we do), and already knew most of what we presented I’m sure. They persevered with the little projects and I learned a lot from the discussions. The companionship of these folks is as warm as a wooly mitten.