We don’t stop playing because we grow old;
we grow old because we stop playing.

[George Bernard Shaw]

When I was just tall enough to see over the edge of a ping pong table, I loved to visit at a friend’s house where the father had a model train. I remember walking slowly around the table, and studying the scenery. The train came through a tunnel, across a bridge and stopped at a station. I fell in love with model trains.

I have an O-Scale, 0-6-0 B&O steam locomotive with a tender and three cars. It sits behind me as I work in my office. I have ordered a Lionel Polar Express, also O-Scale. So, what is a 64-year-old woman doing with model trains? Playing—having fun. I rationalize my madness with the idea that I have two grandsons who are also fascinated by trains. Some day, when I’ve finished playing, they will each have one of Grandma’s model trains. Meanwhile, they can play with them when they visit.