That which we persist in doing becomes easier,
not that the task itself has become easier,
but that our ability to perform it has improved.

[Ralph Waldo Emerson]

Frans Socks

You can imagine how excited I was when one of my blog readers knit the sock pattern I recently posted. She not only knit the pattern, but she knit BOTH socks in the past two weeks. If I could hand out prizes, I’d give her two—one for trying it out and another for knitting BOTH socks. Those of you who suffer from the “second sock syndrome” understand what I mean. She sent me these photos and wrote the following:

Well, with your wonderful example, pattern and help I finished the red and gray socks.

I realized after I completed the fist heel that you had done a 2 stitch x 2 row check and I did a 1 stitch x 2 row check… but it still worked out. I did have a problem with the two sides of the heel looking identical… on one side the gray border of the gusset is more ponounced and the red line along the short row join is more pronounced… but otherwise, it worked very well.

I’m fairly new to two color knitting, having done several hats this winter using this technique and I still struggle with tension, but it is getting better with practice and these socks were great practice with much needed plain knitting inbetween for a nice break!

I did forget to use double gray on the toe but felt it wasn’t worth redoing. I will make more socks using this idea of smaller amounts of color work mixed with some plain ribbing for a good fit.

Thanks for sharing your pattern and help. Fran