We have a choice about how we behave,
and that means we have the choice to opt for civility and grace.

[Dwight Currie]

We have only to turn on television to remind ourselves that true civility is a rare trait in the world. Civility is an expression of respect, and respect requires complex thinking coupled with grace.

The recent trend toward being politically correct is such a sham and totally useless when it it superficial — which it often seems to be. My word for that is patronizing. The trouble with that is, faking political correctness covers up the essence of the problem like wearing a clean dress over a dirty petticoat. It is as bad as saying something crude. We need to address the essence of the problem.

It is easy to open our mouths, let whatever crosses our minds come out, and never think about our biases or the effect they have on other people. The challenge is to think. What are my biases? What crosses my mind? What do I have to change at my core so that when I open my mouth I don’t have to watch what I say in order to be civil? I think all of that starts with learning to respect myself and others. I choose to opt for civility and grace.