If I knit fast enough, does it count as aerobic exercise?
[Author Unknown]

Ohio StarMy friend Jane from Austin, Texas says that Suzanne Atkinson from Ontario is North America’s best kept knitting secret. Suzanne led us through knitting a quilt block (photo, left), then inserting it into Elizabeth Zimmermann’s Surprise Jacket pattern. That was Friday evening and all day Saturday at the Dayton Knitting Guild retreat. On Sunday morning, Suzanne taught a cable pattern on a seaman’s scarf. Suzanne has all of the traits of a good teacher that bring out the best in her students. She is gracious, knowledgable, patient, positive, encouraging….

In my mind, the retreat was a success on so many levels. Member shops offered a delicious supply of goodies at the yarn market. I always go thinking I’ll not spend my money. I always cave in. The Bergamo Center’s buffet was also delicious. The weather was so perfect that it atoned for the past six months of winter. Best of all, the fellowship of knitters wrapped each other in warm sisterhood. I drove home feeling strengthened, enlightened, encouraged, and loved.