We caregivers are not alone.
We are many and everywhere.

[James E. Miller]

The Thoughtful Caregiver

James E. Miller has launched another photoblog, The Thoughtful Caregiver. His first photoblog is The Contemplative Photographer and his web site is Willowgreen Inc. Here is the biographical quote from his new blog:

Jim is a writer, photographer, and speaker who has been both a professional caregiver and a famiy caregiver. He is the author of twenty books and the creator of thirty audiovisuals through his company Willowgreen Inc. He specializes in the areas of illness and dying, loss and grief, caregiving and healing presence, managing transition, spirituality, and older age.

Jim is also a client of mine in my graphic design business. His photography library is so rich that it is a joy for me to design publications with him. We are currently putting the finishing touches on a Spanish translation of his best-selling book, One you love has died. This book presents ideas for how your grief can help you heal. Here is a LINK to an excerpt from that book.