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Two Socks

There is a photo of a two-tone, green sock several blog posts ago. It evolved when I realized I was going too run out of the light green yarn. This photo shows experiments I’ve done since then. These socks progressed so fast that I did the little one in an evening and the large one in a day (I even did client work that same day). Here are some features if someone else wants to experiment as well:

  • The sole for the small sock is knit using stranded knitting (Fair Isle style)
  • The toe decreases are worked in with the sole
  • The sole for the large sock is knit using reinforcement yarn along with the regular yarn
  • The toe decreases for the top of the foot is worked separately from those used for the sole
  • The leg is knitted in the round as for any sock
  • The gusset is worked as shown in the pattern for the Simple Sock
  • The stitches for the heel is left on two needles while the top of the foot (grey part) is knit
  • The top of the foot stitches are knit back and forth
  • IMPORTANT: The edge stitch on each side is slipped (there are two rows for every edge stitch)
  • When the top of the sock is the desired length return to working on the heel
  • Shape the heel as shown in the pattern for the Simple Sock working back and forth using a short-row technique
  • Continue working back and forth joining the sole to the upper by knitting the edge sole stitch together with the slipped edge stitch on the upper
  • Finish the toe with Kitchner stitches
  • If the sole wears out, unravel it and knit a new one.

I’m working on more specific instructions that I will offer as a PDF file.