Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way
as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

[Charles Eames]

Cotton Argyle

Several posts ago, I showed a photo of a huge cone of cotton string. Here it is knit into the body of a sweater I’m designing. It is a seamless Gansey-style construction. I started with the ribbing at the bottom then:

  • put the underarm stitches on string
  • knit the back so I could use it to figure out the neck hole
  • knit the front
  • Kitchner joined the shoulders
  • picked up the neck stitches
  • worked several rows of ribbing
  • finished with reverse stockinette for a rolled effect.

Right now, it is drying from being blocked. I usually do that before I start the sleeves so I can calculate how many stitches to pick up along the armhole. I’ll decrease the underarm stitches like a gusset. I plan to knit the sleeves in stockinette without the argyle texture pattern.