When preparing to travel,
lay out all your clothes and all your money.
Then take half the clothes and twice the money.

[Susan Heller]

lee and me… twice the money, especially if you are going to a yarn shop. My friend Lee (on the left) and I spent time knitting with her friends at Yarntiques in Johnson City, TN.

Here is a suggestion for people who consider paying big bucks for marketing strategy advice. Provide a comfortable knitting area in a room that has the walls lined with yarn floor to ceiling. See the look on my face? The words that go with that expression are, “Looky there. I didn’t see that yarn yet. I may just have to buy a skein and try it out.”

Last night when I got home, I sat here knitting on one of the new skeins I bought and thought about my trip. That is a fringe benefit of buying yarn. It makes my trip last longer because the yarn triggers memories as I knit. I can relive the lovely meals and conversations we shared. Thank you Lee for your friendship and the wonderful visit. And thank you Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee for sharing your autumn beauty.