The only place where housework comes before needlework
(or knitting)
is in the dictionary.

[Mary Kurtz]

Alpaca SocksMy bed is made and my dishes are washed, but that is it for today. I’m on a roll. I’ve finished one sock mate and am almost to the toe on another. That leaves only four more sock mates to knit for Christmas (except for the mate to the sock at the left which isn’t a gift so it can wait).

As I knit, I noticed I can do 20 rounds (72 stitches per round) an hour. That means I can finish a sock in about 11 hours. I don’t usually time my knitting but I’m racing the clock on this project. Too bad I can’t knit and walk at the same time like some people do. This gives a whole new meaning to the word “sedentary.” I’m going to have to take a break and run to the grocery. I can do without food, but I don’t want to run out of toilet paper for Pete’s sake.

For those in search of the perfect sock, this gray one is as close as I’ve ever come. The cable is pretty. The ribbing in the heel gusset makes it snug in around the ankle. Meg Swansen’s fitted arch and the saddle toe softly cradle my foot. And, the fiber is delicious. It is alpaca.

Meanwhile, I also have my day work to do—client websites to update, print proofs coming in, etc. As soon as I see the light of day past all of this, I am determined to get back to sweater pattern production. I’ll offer them for sale individually and electronically until I have enough to compile into a book.

I received an email newsletter from Firefly that has a link to her blog.  This blog is beautiful and her paintings are outstanding. What a joy.

Okay, I have to go knit 10 rounds.