The toughest thing about success is that
you’ve got to keep on being a success.

[Irving Berlin]

I have half a sock to finish and my Christmas knitting will be done—a scarf, a sweater, and six pairs of socks. Ah, success. Now I need to find where I stored the wrapping paper.

My youngest daughter has never learned to knit. I offered to teach her once and she replied, “I’d rather not. If I learned to knit, people would expect me to.” I can understand her point. If I learned to cook better, people would expect me to. I’ve invited people over for Thanksgiving dinner next Sunday. I’ll do my best to serve them the yummiest of meals, but I don’t have the pressure of them expecting me to—they have all known me for years so they know I knit better than I cook. I’ll make up for it when they get their Christmas gifts.