I believe humans get a lot done,
not because we’re smart,
but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee.

[Flash Rosenberg]

The only business buildings in our residential neighborhood sit a block east of my house—three connected brick, 1920s-vintage structures that sit back from the street with a concrete plaza in front. Until recently, a bill collection agency occupied the corner building. I called them, The Knuckle Busters. They moved out several months ago. After weeks of renovation, a new business opened there last Saturday—The Friendly Fox: coffee, confections and comfort.

This morning at 7:30, I strolled over to The Friendly Fox and enjoyed a cup of hazelnut coffee and an apple scone. What a happy, comfortable, pretty place. The owner said she has awnings and tables so she can set up an outdoor space next spring.

I prefer living in small towns where I can walk to local businesses. Fort Wayne is the second-largest city in Indiana so, during the twenty years I’ve lived here, I’ve often longed to move to a smaller place. During my one-block walk back home this morning, I realized that The Friendly Fox makes my neighborhood feel like a small town. I think I’ll paint my picket fence and stay here awhile longer.