I have to exercise in the morning before my brain figures out what I’m doing.
[Marsha Doble]

When I was shoveling snow, I realized that a person can’t sit at a computer working or in a recliner knitting all day then clear snow from the walks. Muscles atrophy with disuse. I tried exercising on my living room rug with hand weights. It was too easy to talk myself out of doing that on a regular basis. SO, last week I joined Curves mainly for the weight training. I head over there three days a week at the crack of dawn and spend thirty minutes moving from one exercise station to the next. I’ve noticed several benefits already.

First, I’m already feeling better physically and have more energy. Second, the environment is pleasant and fun—I look forward to going there. Since I live alone and work at home, this gives me the opportunity to be around other people who are jolly and encouraging. Also, it puts more structure in my day and I seem to accomplish more. Instead of getting up at five a.m. and working in my PJs until lunch, I dress, eat breakfast and do something active. Then I come home and do my day work. I think my brain even works better.