If you’ve lost focus, just sit down and be still.
Take the idea and rock it to and fro.
Keep some of it and throw some away,
and it will renew itself.
You need do no more.

[Clarissa Pinkola Estes]

I started this weblog two years ago as a learning experience so that I could help my clients. I used an out-of-the-box design. Since then I’ve customized many client blogs but never got back to refreshing mine. This change is almost out-of-the-box. I only replaced the masthead photo with one taken by a friend of mine. He has spent his free time in the past couple of months taking flower photos. Thanks for permission to use this photo, Ron.

I’ve also welcomed over 37,000 visitors to my blog in the past two years. That boggles my mind. I’ve lived in towns smaller than that. It also visits upon me a sense of responsibility. It is my hope that folks are enriched by having been here.

For the toe-up sock knitters—I’m on my way up the foot and will post about heel shaping soon.