Time for direction correction!
[L. M. Heroux]

Book CoverFor several years, my sock pattern book, The Tongue River Sock Collection, has been sold with a correction label on the inside cover. That correction reads:

CORRECTION: Fancy Checkerboard Sock, chart-section #5 on Page 5 — Hold the book sideways as you would to read the chart information. There are three columns of stitches on the far left of chart-section #5 that should be deleted from the chart.

I just received an email from a knitter who pointed out another error. There is a Chart Symbol Key on the back cover. The Words “Left Lifted Increase” and “Right Lifted Increase” are in the wrong place. The following diagram and instructions show how the symbol key should read:

lifted increaseRIGHT INCREASE: Knit the stitch from the left needle. Pick up the loop of the stitch below the one just knit and knit into that loop.

LEFT INCREASE: Knit the loop below the stitch on the left needle. Knit into the actual stitch.

My apologies to any knitters who were frustrated by this error. I wish I had a way of composing patterns error-free.