Life is like a coin.
You can spend it any way you wish,
but you only spend it once.

[Lillian Dickson]

I’ve been spending life enjoying myself thoroughly. Our October is unusually warm so I’ve taken every opportunity to drive with the top down and, of course, with a grin on my face. It is great to have white hair and drive a sports car. I’m obviously so far past mid life that nobody could suspect me of being in crisis. I get broad grins and thumbs up in return.

I spent time in one of my favorite places last weekend, New Harmony, Indiana. A group of knitters met at the Barn Abby for a retreat. The folks from Atkinson Farm Yarns in Vincennes, Indiana even brought a selection of yarn for us to browse through. The weather was perfect and the crops on the farms looked like they were right out of a James Whitcomb Riley poem.

In addition to my day job (which is so much fun I can’t call it work) and exercising at Curves, I’ve been teaching knitting classes at Sarah Jane’s Yarn Shoppe. My little buddy, Toby, takes me for walks and we join friends and family for yummy suppers. There is a point to all of this—choice.

I could stress out as I watch my retirement savings evaporate. I could watch political shows on TV even though the campaign has gone on a year too long in my opinion. I could worry myself sick over how other people spend their lives. The question is, would my stressing out change one thing for the better any more than my gripping the arm rests keeps an airplane in the air? Of course not. So, I voted early—for me, the campaign is over. I found the off button on my TV, and filed my depleted quarterly financial report away. Choosing to be delighted changes a lot.