Boys are God’s way of telling you that your house is too neat!
[Author Unknown]

Michael Alexander will be one year old the first of December. I designed the red hat for a class I’m teaching at Sarah Jane’s Yarn Shoppe. I tried it on Michael and he wore it home. It suited him. That often happens with my knitting. Somehow, I knew when I finished the green, lace shawl (in the recent post below), it would find a home of its own. I was moved to give it to the silent auction that raised money for the St. Mary’s soup kitchen last Saturday night. This morning, I stopped at our local cafe for breakfast on my way home from Curves. I met a friend who said he had the winning bid on the shawl and he gave it to his mother yesterday. He said that she wept and told him to put it on her when she died. That may sound a bit strange, but it is the highest of compliments. I’m so blessed.