Winning isn’t always finishing first. Sometimes winning is just finishing.
[Manuel Diotte]

Just finished. This bolero is knitted using about 900 yards of worsted weight yarn. I started at the cuffs, worked a cable and the sleeve increases along the upper arm then shaped the body and added the garter stitch edge as I worked to the center back. I Kitchner stitched the back together. The back is shaped with increases that put a curve in the bottom edge. The Question is, would anyone be interested in this pattern (especially with the Kitchnered seam)?

[An update on my last post: little buddy, Toby, is healed. His leg injury wasnt serious but the vet found an eye infection that we have treated and cured. Also, I found an inexpensive place to fix my dental plate and it is repaired without even a sign of the break. They fit better as well.]