All of the animals except for man know that
the principle business of life is to enjoy it.

[Samuel Butler]

Our winter has been so cold that I knitted a sweater for Toby. He is very patient with me and sits quietly while I pull it over his head to let him go outside. He is so short that the chest of the sweater cakes with snow but he bounces back in for his treat oblivious to the chill. I love Toby.

I do not see myself as a pet person. I have had cats from time to time and liked them a great deal. I especially liked their independent spirit. After my children left home, I went for many years without a pet until a friend called to invite me on an excursion for her to buy a new puppy. A little fellow climbed on the toe of my shoe, and slept there the whole time she was picking out her puppy. Her puppy was too young to take home so we returned twice for her to visit him. Each time, the same little fellow found the toe of my shoe and went to sleep. Finally, I picked him up and asked if he’d like to adopt me. He licked the tip of my nose. We have been together ever since. I’m still not a pet person. I’m a buddy to Toby, and he still curls up on my toes and sleeps.