Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of.
[Geri Weitzman]


I bundled up in a borrowed electric blanket and shivered while I watched sleet pile up on the garage roof. I’d just come in from shoveling snow. My nose was running and my spirits hit a low as the dark sky triggered the streetlights to come on in midday. I knew in my heart that flowers would bloom again, but I needed a mental exercise to convince myself of that. Think tropical vacation, I told myself. That was a month and a half ago.

What is my concept of the color of the tropics? What is my concept of the look of the tropics—you must understand my concept is formed more by picture postcards than actual travel experience. My journey started with colored pencils and is currently flying on the wings of my knitting needles. I returned the blanket to its owner and stored my snow shovel until fall. If it snows again, I’ll just let it melt best it can. This isn’t finished but, I couldn’t wait to share it.

I’m using three colors of Saucon Sock yarn from Kraemer Yarns, Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Here is what they say about their yarn:

Saucon Sock is a cotton, acrylic, and nylon blend perfect for year round socks. It comes in many bright, vibrant colors with more on the way! Although it is designed specifically for socks, Saucon Sock can be used for lace shawls, baby blankets, and sweaters, if you have the patience! Whether you are looking for a cool washable sock yarn or even if you just have an allergy to wool, Saucon Sock is a beautiful no-wool yarn that will hold its shape.

I’m knitting two garments. One is a sleeveless shell that has horizontal stripes. The other is a short lace bolero with short sleeves and V-neck. The shell has a deep ribbing that will show from the bottom of the bolero. I’ll keep you posted about its progress. I wish I could knit faster.