I love to create miniature items.
I can test colors and patterns
without launching into a six month project.


The photo at the left puts the hat and mitten photo into perspective. Elizabeth is an eighteen-inch Magic Attic doll. Her outfit is knit using Shetland jumper-weight wool and size #1 or #2 needles. The Knickerbocker pants have tiny buttons at the knees. The long socks have lace clocks on the sides. The vest border was knit using mitered corners and a stitch pattern. I built a long opening in the back of the pull-over sweater so that I can dress her without pulling her clothes over her head.

Over the years, I’ve knitted several outfits for this doll. Fingering weight yarn works well. There have been times when I tested a pattern idea on an outfit for Elizabeth then went on to make it into a people-sized item.

Elizabeth has her own guard dog, Toby. He has two jobs, guard dog and lap dog. When he is a lap dog, he prefers it when I knit socks, mittens, hats or doll clothes.


Elizabeth with her guard dog, Toby