Knitting fills my days,
not to mention my living room, bedroom, and closets.

[Author Unknown]

Toe-up sock

When I received this hand-spun, merino yarn from my daughter, the customs form read, “The world’s ugliest sock yarn.” The yarn feels comfortable in a sock and the color is moss green in daylight but tan in artificial light. Not the world’s ugliest sock yarn in my book. My task was to see how it would knit for socks, and how far the quantity of yarn would go. I always knit socks from the cuff down but I decided to knit these from the toe up since I wasn’t sure how long I could make the leg and cuff. The heel shaping I usually use worked nicely from the toe up. Now I need to knit the second sock. Would anyone be interested in the toe-up pattern worked step-by-step as I knit it?