Knitting is another word for love.

New Harmony, 2009—My knitting sisters.

New Harmony, 2009—Knitting Sisters

I just spent the weekend making a major deposit into my memory bank—our knitting gathering in New Harmony, Indiana was pure joy for me. Fifteen knitters and two husbands gathered from Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Oklahoma. [The new masthead photo is the view from the Barn Abby looking toward the Wabash River and across to Illinois. Previous masthead photos do not disappear into the blogging ether. Check out my MASTHEAD link above.]

Gloria and Allen Johnson (Dayton, OH) organized our stay at the Barn Abby. Allen kept us from going hungry, and Gloria taught us about the zig-zag scarf. I passed out patterns and yarn for knitted squares to assemble into a love blanket for Gloria. (I’ll post a photo when I get it set together). Marilyn Buster led us in her revised version of KNITO (similar to BINGO) — a game that Gloria un-vented several years ago for our gathering. In between, we enjoyed the sights of New Harmony, and visited Atkinson Farm Yarns in Vincennes, IN. Cheryl (the owner) treated us to a delicious luncheon.  A quilting friend of hers had made lovely bags—we each received one filled with goodies. Cheryl’s generous spirit was also reflected in her shop. I’ve never seen such an ample collection of yarns and other items. I confess, I bought some yarn.

In quieter moments of joy, I observed everyone working, laughing, sharing and interacting. A list formed in my mind. Instead of a TO DO list, I call it my KNITTING IS . . . list. Here is a start:

  • Knitting is another word for warmth.
  • Knitting is a good excuse to gather with friends.
  • Knitting is a form of meditation.
  • Knitting is an ice breaker in a group of people.
  • Knitting is healing.
  • Knitting is a good part of my memory stash (Marianne from Tulsa).
  • Knitting is health food for the fingers and is not fattening (Jeannie).
  • Knitting is …