When you are asked if you can do a job, tell ’em, ‘Certainly I can!’
Then get busy and find out how to do it.

[Theodore Roosevelt]

The leaves and the year might be almost gone, but there is still time to have fun. My calendar for this week is full of fun stuff.

1. Beginning Blogging: This is the last week for the 8-week course that I teach on the internet under the auspices of the Story Circle Network. I enjoy this so much that I’m writing a proposal for the winter session that starts after Christmas. My course covers the technical aspects of setting up and managing a blog.

2. Birthdays: We are gathering at the Texas Roadhouse tonight to celebrate two family birthdays—mother and daughter who were born the same day but 25 years apart. That makes it easy to remember. Gifts are wrapped.

3. Curves: I am maintaining a decent weight but need to go exercise more (at least 3 times this week). It gives me energy and keeps me agile.

4. Knitting classes: Tomorrow is the last class for the vest, Wednesday is the last class for the stranded sock class, and Saturday is the first class for another group knitting stranded socks. I offer these classes at Sarah Jane’s Yarn Shoppe. I have a variety of sock patterns so each class member may choose the one she likes best.

3. Portuguese Style Knitting: My day job is as a graphic artist. One facet of that is preparing books for publication. I’m so excited about my current job—assembling a book on Portuguese-style knitting for Andrea Wong. She attended Cat Bordhi’s Visionary Retreat, and is working on getting her book ready to self publish.

4. Lifewriting Online: Blogging for the Faint of Heart: I’m composing a presentation to use as a skeleton for the 90-minute workshop I’m planning to facilitate at the Story Circle Network’s Fifth National Women’s Memoir Conference in Austin, Texas next February. This is an ongoing job for me but it is such fun and I’m making progress.

NOTE: The new masthead (now retired to masthead page) is the same view as the last one but later in the fall—the field is golden and the light has changed. When I retire a masthead, I put it on the Masthead page in the tab above.