We may have all come on different ships,
but we’re in the same boat now.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

One thing I like about being an American is living in the midst of variety. I feel like I have dibs on a little bit of everybody’s culture. So here’s a chance to participate in something new to many knitters between the North Atlantic and Pacific. Andrea Wong has a new DVD on the market and is offering a special on two DVDs until December 15th. Check out this LINK if you are interested in learning Portuguese style knitting. The DVDs, pins and patterns also come individually packaged.

Andrea is one of my graphic design clients. I help her with her website, and lay out her print advertising. Currently, I am helping her with a knitting book layout, and I’m so thrilled about it. It not only has a number of Portuguese-inspired patterns, but it also has lovely travel photos, technique explanations, and history. The book is scheduled to go to print next spring.