Live to live and you will learn to live
[Portuguese Proverb]

… not that kind of bookmaking. I’m talking about making books. Printed books. Electronic books. In this case, a knitting book.

I’ve been working as a graphic designer for twenty five years and still learn many new skills with each job. I haven’t kept track of how many printed pieces and publications I’ve produced over the years, but I’ve created most of them with one Adobe product or another. I recently wrote a short post about upgrading to CS4 and studying the courses on to update my knowledge. I have learned a lot and have been doing it while I’ve been helping Andrea Wong produce her new book, Portuguese Style of Knitting.

I’ve included these topics in recent posts, but wanted to share a comp of the cover design. We are getting close to finishing the layout and will send the book to print after the proofing and revision processes are complete—this spring. We have sent Andrea’s book to print, and it is due back from the printers in early June.

I do most of my traveling through books. I especially enjoy books that record history and cultural aspects of regions all over the world, and apply that to the work of people’s hands. Andrea’s book does that for me.

NOTE: This post was originally published in January, 2010 with a different cover design. We revised it to show more of the fisherman’s sweater that she has included in the pattern section of her book.