Sometimes I feel like a generational sandwich.
I’m an often-exhausted knitter positioned
in between two energetic, prolific, talented fiber artists—
my mother and my daughter.
Wonder if that makes me bologna or peanut butter?


Ellen's photos

My daughter, Ellen Roberts (Shepherd’s Moon), emailed me photos of her latest projects. She spun tie-dyed (grape and cherry kool aid) merino plied with tussah silk then knit the pinkish lace shawl. The pattern is based on Marianne Kinzel’s Azeala pattern, but Ellen took out one repeat, and knitted back and forth so it is a broken pentagon. She writes that she has now started on a scarf that is Bluefaced Leicester, tie-dyed green, plied with tussah silk. The pattern is Mosaic in the Marianne Kinzel book. I am tired just thinking about her flurry of work.

(The new masthead is cropped from another Jim Miller (Willowgreen Publishing) photograph. When I install a new masthead photo, I retire the old ones to the Masthead Page—see the tab above.)