Cheers to
a new year and
another chance for us to get it right.
[Oprah Winfrey]

People who know me will find this really strange. I went out last night and partied in the new year. I danced the caps off of the heels of my party shoes, kissed total strangers, and was temporarily adopted into an energetic Italian family for the evening. I had a delightful time.

How does a fairly reclusive, sort of stuffy, and kind of shy woman of my age end up doing such a thing? I decided to do it. I said, “Self, are you going to usher in yet another new year by knitting until nine, then going to bed?” “No!” self answered. “For once, I’m going to put on party shoes and a sparkly outfit and find a place full of enthusiastic people.” Then I Googled, New Years parties in Fort Wayne, and found the one at the Philmore on Broadway not far from my home.

They offered lovely surroundings, refreshments, a live band, and party favors. I sat alone for about an hour enjoying watching people come and go then a lady asked me if I’d want to sit with her family. Such warm and inclusive people—they said they were Italian and took me in like I was their cousin from Tuscany. I didn’t know people could exude fun like they did. At midnight, we hugged, kissed both cheeks, blew silver horns and bid each other a wonderful new year. If it turns out the way it started, it certainly will be.