If your actions inspire others to
dream more,
learn more,
do more and
become more,
you are a leader.
[John Quincy Adams]

I never cease to be amazed when I discover that something I’ve said or done has influenced another person. I usually think of myself as someone who putters around within the small sphere of my life merely meeting deadlines and crossing tasks off of my endless to do list. Then I get a comment from one of my blog readers or a call from one of my students, and I bask in amazement that my sphere isn’t as small as I’ve imagined.

Maybe feedback is what we need the most in our lives. Sometimes we even need negative feedback. Several years ago, my hair was waist length and I wore it in braids on top of my head. I looked like an old Heidy on my driver’s license. Then I had it all cut off. The improvement was so remarkable that I asked my sister why there isn’t anyone who loved me enough to tell me how dreadful I looked before. She replied that she just assumed I was going through a phase and would wake up eventually.

Positive or negative, feedback can do more than inform. It can encourage. It can teach. It can even make us feel cared about. I want to thank my readers who encourage me with their comments. I try to answer them by email but have fallen behind. Be patient. I’ll write soon.