When we have a clear sense of identity and purpose,
we are more resilient,
because we can hold fast to
our vision of a better future.

A decade ago, I worked for a firm that went out of business. Sandra (above right) had come to work at that firm after giving up a good job at a large company. I asked what she planned to do now that we were out of work and she replied that she thought she’d go to school and study courses to become a pastry chef. Meanwhile, I scrambled to build back my graphic design client base that I’d given up several years before.

Fast forward almost a decade. A darling pastry shop (Vanilla Bean) opened two doors down from the knitting shop (Sarah Jane’s) where I teach classes. Curiosity drew me in and there was Sandra! Not only had she completed school, she and a fellow chef opened a business. That is what I call resilience. What more can I say? (… oh yes. I was instantly addicted to their Italian Ricotta Cookies.)