Good ideas are common.
What’s uncommon are
people who’ll work hard enough
to bring them about.
[Ashleigh Brilliant]

I have recently been blessed with an iPad 2 (I should have mailed announcements to explain why I’ve become such a recluse). Actually, my world exploded with interesting things, and endless ideas and opportunities. Not far into this new experience, I started dreaming of ways to put my publication design experience to use on this relatively new media. This past year has been my year of the eBook—reading, researching, producing… Meanwhile, I’ve focused upon layout and design of knitting patterns to publish as printable PDF files.

My friend, Mary in Ann Arbor, emailed me today about reading knitting patterns (in a PDF file format) in the GoodReader App on her new iPad2. She could annotate it with highlighter marks to keep track of where she was on the pattern. I rushed to get the app and experiment. WOW! It works. It also shows me what I need to do to make my patterns GoodReader friendly.

It doesn’t take much to make me happy — yarn, knitting needles and a few well-placed pixels.

This is a shot of the iPad screen showing
a PDF knitting pattern with a highlighted
line to mark the place. The line is easily movable.