The value of an idea lies in the using of it.
[Thomas A. Edison]

The valuable idea was Heather’s, a friend in Dayton. She suggested stringing stitches onto the filament used in string trimmers (Weed Eaters, etc.). That is the blue which shows at the corners of the knitting in the photo.

These are pillow tops made from an heirloom counterpane pattern I adapted from a lovely old piece (I took out the seams and knit it in the round like a doily). The four sides are live stitches that will be joined with the live stitches of other blocks. In this case, these will become pillows for a class I’m leading this fall. The filament not only holds the stitches nicely but it also acted as a blocking tool when I pinned the blue top out to dry.

Then I finish this project, I’ll post the results and make the pattern available.

Thanks for your idea Heather.