It is difficult to see why lace should be so expensive;
it is mostly holes.
[Mary Wilson]

I’ve just added this pattern to the electronic download store on Ravelry. It is the first pattern I’ve published separately from the …and a time to knit stockings collection that were originally offered in a printed book (1996) then on CD (2006). Here is more information:

The inspiration for the June Stocking was a pair of thigh-high, hand knit, cotton stockings worn by my grandmother, Gertrude Chamberlain (1877–1962). Although her father, James (1836–1919), knit his own stockings all of his life and taught his offspring to knit, it is not known who knit the original stockings. Gertrude’s daughter (my mother), Rachel (1906–2001), also wore the lace stockings. She said they were pinned to her underwear in order to hold them up, and they were quite uncomfortable. The original stockings were knit flat then shaped into a tube with a hand sewn seam. The heels are garter stitch and not shaped with a heel turn. I revised the original pattern in several ways. I used a sock-weight yarn instead of cotton, knit them in the round, and shaped them by making subtile changes in the lace pattern. Although this version uses a peasant or replaceable heel, another style heel would work as well. The directions are given for adult-size knee high stockings, but a shorter version can be knit with slight alterations to the pattern.

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