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Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love,
the things you are, the things you never want to lose.
[Kevin Arnold]

My knitting friend, Gloria Johnson, died yesterday with her cat, Mai Tai, and her husband, Allen, keeping vigil at her side. I met her many years ago at Meg Swansen’s Schoolhouse Press’ Knitting Camp in Wisconsin. She was with a group of knitters from Dayton, Ohio where she lived. Over time, I joined the Dayton Knitting Guild and made such good friends. Gloria edited the DKG newsletter, The Call of the Wool. In the course of time, she and her friend, Patsy McCoy, organized a knitting retreat in New Harmony, Indiana. I’ve attended, been refreshed, and returned home enriched and inspired ever since. We lost Patsy five years ago and Gloria soldiered on with the help of her husband, Allen, ever since in spite of the fact that she has been gravely ill.

We have lost so many knitting friends in the past few years: Joyce, Eunice, Teresa, Patsy, Gloria, and Barb S. among others including Elizabeth and Mama. My idea of heaven is clouds of yarn and the folks I love knitting lace and colorful patterns for the snow and the rainbows.

Now, about the photo. It is a Cocoon and the pattern came from Gloria. Patsy knit one as a sample for New Harmony the last year she was there. I came home, altered the pattern for finer yarn and knit the jacket in the photo. I am sitting here with it on as I write. My two friends gave me the gift of their knowledge, and inspiration. I want to remember them by passing it on to any knitters who might want yet another project. SELECT THIS LINK to download the printable PDF Cocoon pattern.