I can’t change the direction of the wind,
but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
[Jimmy Dean]

Malware infected my website and showed up as the dreaded, ”white screen of death.” My friend, Janet, redirected atimetoknit.com to this blog while I decide what to do about my site. I’ve had a site online for a quarter of a century and want to redefine my offerings. I still have hand-knitting patterns to share including new ones so I am renewing my efforts in that direction while still maintaining a general topic blog.


With the help of my friend, Lynne, we are making progress toward publishing another Great Lakes Chill Chaser pattern. This one is, ”Niagara Shawls.” The lace shawl in the photo above is one version. We are trying to make this pattern easy to follow, but flexible enough that knitters can choose how use garter or lace repeats to personalize their project. We are getting there.

Writing & Other Joys

Recently, most of my writing has involved revising patterns and recovering text from my ailing website. I accomplish most when I make written lists. Not only do lists help me prioritize tasks, but they encourage me and keep me on point.

My main joy since my 79th birthday last November has been enjoying my 80th year. Each morning, my little buddy, Louie, and I go on a gratitude walk. I find that sets a positive tone for the day and keeps us agile. I’ve started going through the address book on my computer and writing at least one real letter a day to old friends. I’m exploring handwork skills that have fascinated me for years. I’m teaching myself new computer skills. I’m learning a lot of things that make me wonder how I didn’t learn it sooner. I’m realizing the effectiveness of Anne Lamott’s advice:

Almost everything will work again
if you unplug it for a few minutes,
including you.