I like to reminisce with people I don’t know.
[Stephen Wright]


My two model trains.
Maybe now I can cultivate a two-track mind.

I’ve posted to my blog for six months now. When someone leaves a comment, it is emailed directly to me. That process has been so fun. In addition to friends and relatives, I’ve heard from folks I don’t know. I love that. It not only encourages me to write a post more often, it also reminds me of the universal experiences of people.

Now and then, I meet friends at a tavern just for coffee and a chat. One of them said, “We have nothing in common.” I had to think about that and decided that we do have something in common. We are living, breathing human beings; we enjoy a lot of the same things; we are both military veterans; and neither of us will die young.

Who among us haven’t used a Crayola, put off doing a chore, walked into a room and forgot what we were looking for, or skuffed a toe on our new shoes? We have a lot in common, even with folks we don’t know. I read comments with gratitude that I have friends whom I’ve never even met.