The thoughts that come often unsought,
and, as it were, drop into the mind,
are commonly the most valuable of any we have.

[John Locke]

The Contemplative Photographer

My friend and client, Jim Miller, maintains a photoblog named The Contemplative Photographer. It is well worth browsing. Each post includes his thoughts and one of his beautiful photographs.

Jim owns the publishing company, Willowgreen, and offers a wide selection of books, videos, notecards, and photographs. They inspire, encourage and enlighten. He may not have thought about this, but I can imagine a book evolving from his blog entries.

Have you ever lost yourself in what you are doing? Time telescopes and the world disappears. That happens to me when I am designing, knitting, quilting, reading, etc. I see it as a form of meditation. It lowers my blood pressure and feeds my soul. It also counteracts the negative influences that bombard us from all directions. If you would like to take a brief mental vacation, do browse The Contemplative Photographer.