Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.
[Cherokee Indian Proverb]

Buckeye Gansey

I spent New Year’s Eve finishing the back yoke on a two-toned Gansey I’m knitting for publication. Okay. I’m not a party girl nor did I wake up with glitter in my hair, but I bet I feel better than some folks do this morning.

I wrote a post in November about my new design collection, Great Lakes Chill Chasers. Now that I have my new CD book, …and a time to knit stockings, finished and ready to sell, I am determined to produce patterns for as many Chill Chaser designs this year as I can. These knitting projects are bigger than socks so they take longer to proof and polish up. These patterns will be printed in a standard-size folded piece and hole punched so they can be stored in a three-ring notebook. I plan to print each one as it is finished. That is not a New Year’s resolution. That is a definite intention. I learned last October, when I set aside time to finish a book, that putting an intention into action works. I already knew that, but procrastination is so easy. It is a choice.

I ask myself daily, “How are you going to spend this hour or day?” Sometimes the answer is, “take a nap.” Sometimes it is, “contact a friend,” “finish a job,” or “walk Toby.” Whatever it is, I am constantly aware that it will accumulate into that which I call, “my life.”

I wish you joy.