Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.
[Gaily Sheehy]

sock samples

Over the years, I’ve knit socks with a wide variety of heel-turn techniques. Then I bought sock yarn that was dyed to fall into a pattern as it was knitted. As I was working on the leg, I kept asking myself how I would work the heel so it wouldn’t interrupt the pattern. I looked at the anatomy of my foot and unvented this non-stop heel. Since I make many stranded-knitting socks, I soon discovered that I could keep in pattern using this method.

At the end of February, I’m scheduled to teach this heel technique at a retreat in Ohio so I am currently working on handouts. I already had a small sock designed to teach a variety of techniques (the green and pink sock pattern can be printed off at this LINK). I also had developed the child’s sock pattern with the lace, leaf cuff. However, I wanted a simple pattern that wouldn’t take up much workshop time to knit the leg and get to the heel. The sock on the upper left is the result — knit on thirty-two stitches using DK-weight yarn.