Only she who attempts the absurd can achieve the impossible.
[Sharon Schuster]

buds and blossomsThis sock may be absurd, but it is not impossible. It is from my Tougue River Farm Sock Collection book. The heel is worked in the same technique as the little socks I posted yesterday. You can see by the stripes in the gusset how many stitches were added to allow ease in the heel shaping. Fit depends upon the shape of a person’s foot. For me, these fit well with no bunching on the front of my foot.

These socks are knit using two colors, stranded in a Fair Isle manner. The blossom idea came from a silk-screened komono. I have a sweater that uses variations of this pattern that I will photograph and post in the near future.

When I knit a sock using stranded knitting, I either knit on larger needles or add more stitches than I would with a plain sock since it isn’t as elastic. Vertical stripes make it even less elastic. When I knit a plain sock, I often rib the back of the heel and the gusset.