The shortest answer is doing.
[Lord Herbert]

Edie sock

Edie Stern in Yorktown Heights, New York sent me this photo of a pair of socks she knit using the “Waves & Rivulets” pattern in the Tongue River Farm Sock Collection. She writes, “I’ve been knitting 30 years or so, all of it as an intermediate knitter (nothing fancy). I lived in Florida for most of that time, and just moved north six years ago, so my knitting has increased obsessively. Living within driving range of Rhinebeck has done wonders for my obsessiveness too.”

Edie contacted me by email before Christmas for help with deciphering the heel instructions. When I composed the Tongue River book several years ago, I struggled with how to present the heel instructions, and, using feedback from knitters, I have since refined the way I present it in patterns. She has since finished the socks, as you can see. She writes, “I like these better than any socks I’ve knitted before, and they fit better too. They’re warm and lovely, and I’m ready to start another pair out of your book. This one was challenging and fun.”

You can imagine that this made me feel as warm and fuzzy as . . . well, as a pair of hand-knit socks. This heel treatment is the same as the one I’ve discussed in that last couple of posts. For more about the book she used, select this LINK.